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Your South West Trains Complaints Destination

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It’s no secret that South West Trains provide an appalling level of service, especially when the nights begin to get colder and darker. But let’s not forget the sweltering conditions in the Summer when the air-con packs up either. We’ve all experienced over-inflation price increases year-on-year but the service never gets any better, it just gets worse.

Sure, you could complain as individuals to South West Trains directly, but South West Trains Complaints was set up to amplify all of the individual voices. I can’t promise that this website will change anything, but it’s already making me feel better and hopefully it’ll do the same for you.

You can Submit a Post for publication, or Make a Suggestion any time and we welcome others who would like to get involved. You can also do your bit by sharing the site on social media and with your fellow commuters. The more noise we make the harder it will be for South West Trains to continue ignoring their customers.

Submit your South West Trains Complaint!

#southwestpains Join in the conversation on Twitter!

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