Hungerford tannoy

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Recently the noise from the tannoy system in hungerford train station has become louder and the messages much more frequent, I live close to the station (have done for years) and have not had any issues until this year; something has changed on the sound system over the past months to cause this unnecessary increase to the levels of noise pollution. Please investigate this issue… very interested in your feedback.

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  • Nikki Wait

    I have complained, as have others in firgrove court, to great western trains and they keep referring me to the station master which I have told them 3 times – there is none or I would have gone there as a first point of call. It’s only platform 2 announcements, I have gone behind platform 1 and the volume is as unobstrusive as always. I complained on 6th June as it started 3rd and complained 3 times with dismissive replies. I also have lived here for ages and always been pleased at how little we were disturbed. We’ve had ‘this train does not stop heres’ announcements throughout the night and can be heard from my window which faces away from the track. I’ve learned from this how many trains don’t stop here and how many are cancelled or delayed – a great advert for GWT. It’s ruining sitting out throughout all this good weatger. Hungerford prides itself on its town but it seems it cares more about the gateway to the town than its long standing residents along park Street. I have been trying to contact the mayor but think I might get further complaining to the environmental agency. Please please get this sorted asap as it’s Benn over a month. Thanks